Life POS

An integrated sales tools for your life insurance business

Agents can get leads (Prospective Customer) from Head Office Core System or Agency System. Agents can also create its own new leads and manage it like update leads status (contacted, set for appointment, etc). Admin can also create Lead Reporting to Head Office from each Agents.
Analyze the customer financial needs based on their risk profile.
Making proposal from client gadget is very easy, anywhere and anytime.
Submit new business in the real time, integrated to payment gateway.
Agent after Submission will receive status of application from Head Office System about their customer application status. New business can make comments or feedback about agents e-submission eq. lack of ID document, birth date not readable, etc. This whole process will speed up follow up.


Easy Update New Product

With our configuration tools, now it's very easy and fast to update new product on your system.

Flexible and Efficient

Our systems is built on web and mobile platform with the latest technology and modular system.


Our solution are integrated from front end to back end and easy to maintain.

End to End System

We provide tools for sales force from start from pre-sales until after-sales support.

Key Business Advantages

Paperless Sales Process

Utilizing digital signature and client data capture with personal ID cards in selected countries.

"Bring your Own Device" approach

Creating a possibility for new agents to use the tool on their own mobile, tablets and laptops.

Process Standardization

Allowing to follow the most effective and successful sales journeys.

Whole Sales Process Covered

By a single tool supporting all agent’s activities during a meeting with potential customers.

Insurance Technology


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